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Healing Paws®

animal-assisted therapy provider


"a special kind of listening"

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Christi Dudzik brings 20+ years of experience to her therapy animal classes, therapy animal hospital programming, and to working with individuals experiencing dog fear.


Classes are for volunteers wishing to visit in medical and/or educational settings, and for professionals wishing to incorporate their animals into their work.


Therapy animal hospital programming is for medical facilities wishing to create a solid visiting program that includes best practices, infection control, risk management, and ongoing support.


When working with individuals experiencing dog fear, the focus is on decreasing anxiety and increasing the overall feeling of safety when in the company of dogs. 

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Christi Dudzik, Healing Paws president, with retired Pet Partner Teddy (yellow lab on left),

Pet Partner Ruby (Papillon in middle front),

Pet Partner Paddy (yellow lab on right), and Cozy (Papillon being held), who has no desire to be a Pet Partner

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Training DVD     * NEW *

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Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship

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Training Schedule    Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Pet Partners® Spring 2015 Training *FULL*

       April 23 - June 4, 2015  

       For next session dates, please check back after April 23.

       Register by April 2nd, receive a copy of my DVD, "Developing and Nurturing                the Therapy Team Relationship"

      Visit the Training/Workshops page for a description of the class.


Pet Partners® Team Evaluation Renewal Prep Class

       Sunday, June 7, 2015

       Visit the Training/Workshops page for a description of the class.

Pet Partners® Team Evaluations

       Saturday, May 30, 2015

       Visit the Training/Workshops page for evaluation requirements.

Here's a snippet of what you will learn in the Combination Class:

Visit our SERVICES & TRAINING page for a detailed description of classes, workshops, and evaluations including registration information.


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Our Services & Training Offerings

Therapy Services

Services are provided to health care facilities and/or to individuals. Animal-Assisted therapy is conducted by a master-level, licensed counselor within the boundaries of their professional degree.  The counselor works with their registered therapy animal, focusing on the client’s specific needs.   



Consultation Services

Healing Paws, Inc. assists facilities in starting and maintaining therapy animal programs, customized to meet their needs. We also consult with established facility programs to maintain program integrity. 



Training / Workshops

Classes focus on training volunteers and professionals to become therapy teams with their animals.  Additional workshops are offered for professionals wishing to incorporate their registered therapy animal into their practice.



Continuing Education in Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy

Healing Paws will share the importance of training, and the benefits of Animal-Assisted Activites/Therapy at local and national health care and/or education conferences.




Visit our SERVICES & TRAINING page to explore our Services and Training offerings.